STARTING MACROS 5-DAY self paced course for beginners to macros

Learn how to effectively use macro nutrition to get in charge of your eating again.



Starting Macros gives you the tools you need to learn to eat sustainably, so that you never have to try another fad diet again. You’ll learn how to eat balanced meals, navigate the real and "fun" foods, understand why you may not be seeing the results you work so hard for at the gym, and even get back on healthy eating if you got sidetracked during the holidays.


Intro to Macros

What are macros, why they matter, and exactly what foods to find each one of them

Nutrition Labels

Read what to look for on a nutrition label, so that you can make choices that support your goals

Tracking 101

Learn to use the My Fitness Pal app to track your food and make adjustments to your diets based on your needs

Get Enough Protein

Learn to eat the right amount of protein which is the key macro to feeling fuller, getting stronger and leaner.


  • The course will be delivered via short video lessons that are sent to your email
  • All videos are short, educational and practical, and include a homework most days
  • You need: My Fitness Pal app downloaded to your phone, and a food scale for weighing your foods
  • The Facebook community is key -- this will be a helpful, supportive group of women who are just getting started with macros, just like you!

Who Is Starting Macros For?

Starting Macros is a 5-day crash course, teaching the basics of macro nutrition. It's great for anyone who wants to use this science based method to help with their body goals. It is for:

Those with no previous experience with macros

You may or may not have tracked calories, but you haven't tracked macros before, or you have very minimal experience with macro tracking.

Those interested in learning how to use macros for their physique & health goals

Learn how having a good macro balance can help you achieve your body goals, whether it's fat loss, athletic performance, or simply sustained energy.

Those who want to learn about macro friendly foods

Please do not sign up if you have an eating disorder or otherwise unhealthy relationship with food.

While no foods are off limits when using macro nutrition, there are foods that are macro-friendlier and healthier than others. You'll learn what they are!


“My tummy has been my biggest insecurity so I can't believe that I'm 4 inches down from my belly button. Why did I always used to think that there's a shortcut? I cost myself years of trying to do it quickly. This works and I feel safe about it!” 

- K. R.

“I'm eating much better now because I'm not trying to restrict so much. As a result, there's been a lot less binge behavior in the past few days, and my energy is much more balanced.” 

- H. H.

“I've been surprised at how easy it is to hit the protein goal if I just pay more attention to what I'm eating. I also haven't been as hungry as I used to so I have made myself to eat a bit more to reach my calorie goal which is surprising but good!”

- B. P.

“I always ate "healthy" and was very sceptical about any kind of food program, but now I can't believe what a difference rebalancing my macros has made. I find it easier to get up and start my day, I fall asleep right away, my moods are much better, I just hit a new PR at the gym, and on a purely vain note, my skin is sooooo good lately.”

- C. B.

Feeling intimidated? No reason!

Macro tracking can be intimidating at first.

"So many numbers! How do I track? How do I weigh? Is it going to take me all day?" you may think.

Tracking our food can be a very eye opening experience, helping us see what we may be missing in our diet or what we may be having too much of.

The goal isn't to get obsessed with numbers but to bring awareness to what we're consuming on a day to day basis, and how it impacts our health and wellbeing.

I was once intimidated by macros too. But after changing my perspective and starting to look at it as a fun and helpful experience, everything shifted. I started to realize what it can do for me. I learned to use this data as information that helped me to make changes towards stronger, leaner and healthier body composition.

The goal isn't to be perfect -- the goal is to learn and adjust so that you can reach your goals.

And don't worry, I will be there every step on the way, helping you in every way I can!

Hi there!

I'm Kersten, your macro nutrition coach. Are you new to macros? I know what it feels like. I was once, too!

Before I learned about macros, I had done Weight Watchers, extremely strict Paleo, intermittent fasting and even a juice cleanse... They all helped me lose weight, but my diet was never balanced and my hormones were always a mess.

I was hungry when trying to fast or do a juice cleanse, I was afraid of bread and wine when on strict Paleo, and I was eating bags and bags of baby carrots because they were a "free" food on Weight Watchers. To this day, I rarely eat raw carrots anymore!


On all those diets, my hormones were a complete mess because I was always under eating calories or limiting one or more food groups.

When I learned about macros, I realized that this is the way to eat really balanced way because our bodies need a variety of foods and all three macronutrients. By learning about macros and figuring out a plan that works for me, I was able to lose body fat, maintain my hormonal balance, and my workouts got stronger and stronger.

I don't want you to do another round of keto - it didn't work the last time you tried, why would this time be different?

Instead, join me on Starting Macros to learn what a real, science based approach to eating looks like.


Macro nutrition is science backed, no BS approach to healthy eating. Unlike fad diets that simply give us "eat this but not that" food lists, macro nutrition provides education so that we can make better choices for ourselves. Starting Macros is the perfect course for absolute beginners to macro tracking.