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Strong + Sensitive is a 14-day audio course that helps to increase your physical & mental strength so you can go from anxious, fearful, and lacking confidence TO calm, confident, and able to handle whatever life throws your way.

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As a Highly Sensitive Person / Person With TMS, You Need to Build Your Sense of Empowerment

If you are a Highly Sensitive person (HSP) and / or experiencing TMS aka Mindbody syndrome, you are likely familiar with the following:

  • Anxiety and overwhelm. For example, you have a busy day and you worry about how you're going to get it all done, so you spend so much time on what if's and wondering what could happen. By the end of the day, you feel completely burnt out
  • Lack of self trust and struggle with decision making. You need to ask everyone's approval before you can buy that piece of clothing, make that work decision, or share a post on social media
  • People pleasing. You have been wanting to move to another place for a long time and now the opportunity comes up. But your parents really don't want you to move so far from them. So you don't because you don't want to hurt them
  • Having no boundaries. A friend keeps telling you about her dramatic relationship on and on. You are listening and trying to help but nothing ever changes... You feel like these conversations suck the energy out of you but you won't say anything
  • Feeling guilty for taking time for yourself. For example, you want to start working out but you feel so guilty because that would mean taking some time away from your family
  • Overthinking. After going out to a party, you over-analyze the conversations you had and things you said, wondering if you should have done it differently and catastrophizing about how terrible you must have come across
  • Hard time handling conflict. You're need some new furniture for your home but you and your spouse like different things. Eventually you let your partner decide what to get and keep telling yourself that it isn't a big deal if you don't love it
  • Comparing yourself to others. You look at your social media and see that everyone seems to be doing a lot better, have more fun, nicer bodies and more friends, and you feel like a loser. You believe that you can never be as successful
  • Being responsible for other people's emotions. You worry excessively when your spouse or friend is in a bad mood so you go out of your way to "fix" it
  • Not expressing your wants and needs. You are really exhausted and would love a nap before making dinner. You want to ask your spouse to go and get the few grocery items that you need. But you don't want to cause trouble so you skip your nap and go to the store yourself
  • Not expressing your emotions. You were going to meet up with a friend for a coffee but she doesn't show up -- she forgot! You are disappointed and frustrated, but you say that it's okay and there's no problem at all.

All of these things can cause emotional or mental burnout and even unpleasant physical, chronic sensations in the body.

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In my experience, strength training is one of the best tools to build both physical strength and mental empowerment that HSPs and people with TMS really need.

Strength training can be done with just bodyweight if you are a beginner, but you can also use dumbbells if you have them and if you already have some experience. There's something so empowering about moving your body, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and getting through a challenging exercise! It really translates into your life outside of the workout too because as a HSP / person with TMS, we have similar experiences in life all the time.

Life requires strength, overcoming obstacles and proving to ourselves over and over again that we can handle hard things.

No matter where you're at, you can get started with strength training, and this program will give you the exact tools for it.

With this program, you will combine the mindset tools and strength training and as a result build more strength and confidence than you thought possible!

But don't take my word for it...

Below you can read how a group of HSPs / people with TMS described how they felt before they started lifting weights, and how they do now, months or years later.

Before Strength Training...

  • Overwhelmed, anxious, low confidence
  • Reactive, easily triggered
  • Fearful of being judged or "failing"; fearful of having "let themselves go too far" with fitness
  • Frequent panic attacks and depression
  • Excessive worry about others, people pleasing, feeling responsible for others' lives
  • Fear of chronic physical symptoms (TMS) getting worse
  • Fear of their nervous system getting too "amped up" from anything stressful, including exercise

After 3 Months to Several Years of Strength Training

  • Much more confident, calm, easy-going and relaxed
  • Able to respond instead of reacting
  • Less overthinking, ruminating, caring about others opinions
  • More present because lifting is meditative
  • Less trying to "fix" other feelings and lives
  • Strength training was the missing piece they needed to make a full recovery from TMS
  • Much stronger physically and having visible muscle
  • Higher energy and hardly ever sick!

What Exactly is Strong + Sensitive Mini Course?

A Course Meant Specifically Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and people with TMS

Strong + Sensitive is specifically designed for HSPs and people with TMS. It brings together mindset tools that HSPs and TMS people need in order to get mentally stronger and more confident, plus teaches how to use strength training to support that.

Daily Audio Lessons + Action Steps

During the course of 14 days, you will get an audio lesson into your inbox every day. These lessons are between 7-20 minutes long and explore some of the traits and behaviours that common to Highly Sensitive People, such as people pleasing, difficulties with boundary setting, dealing with guilt, managing anxiety, and more. It will offer the tools for that you need to build more confidence and handle anything that life throws your way!

3 Strength Workouts for Both Beginner and Experienced Levels

I believe that strength training is one of the best tools that helps HSPs and people with TMS gain not only physical strength but also build mental empowerment! This course comes with 3 strength workouts that you will rotate twice during the course. There are two different versions -- one for beginners, using bodyweight only, and the other for more experienced lifters, using dumbbells. Everyone can do them!

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