REBUILD Mentorship

Oct 5 - Dec 26/2020

A 3-month SUPER IN-DEPTH mentorship for women who are recovered from metabolic burnout and amenorrhea and want to

  • REBUILD their strength and physique
  • Implement healthy eating habits
  • Optimize their hormones FOR GOOD
  • All that without ever sacrificing their health again.

This is a truly RESPONSIBLE way to rebuild with zero obsession and to get back into your power for good.

Nothing like this exists for women who have recovered from loss of period and/or metabolic burnout but still have goals ... so I created it. This is the program I wish I had years ago.

Responsible approach. Optimal physique. Community and connection to hold you accountable and cheer you on the whole way.

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You're Feeling Lost and Alone Because...

  • You're over eating out of the fear of under eating. You are wondering where the balance is
  • You feel like you've traded a set of poor eating habits, like severe restriction and starving, for another set of poor habits, like over eating and feeling out of control
  • You find yourself eating foods that don't make you feel good
  • You want to get stronger but are afraid that you will overtrain again
  • Maybe you have started exercising again, but after 2 weeks found yourself absolutely exhausted
  • You need a solid training program that is truly healthy for you, so you don't dive head first into the hardest HIIT program on the Internet that will wreck your hormones
  • You want to look a bit leaner and more athletic but are scared to admit it because you feel like it's "wrong"
  • You want to naturally balance and support your hormones, so that your cycle stays healthy
  • You want to make sure that you won't spin back to your old obsessive habits around food and exercise

If this described you...

Then this mentorship is exactly what you need.

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12-Week Mentorship


  • Get back to regular exercise - feeling strong, athletic and in control again - after serious overtraining and then almost no training at all
  • Focus on some physique GOALS again! Get stronger, leaner and more energetic, after feeling weak, bloated and sluggish for a time during your healing
  • Adopt healthy, sustainable eating habits that make you feel good while also helping you stay lean and fit, after swinging from under eating to periods of over eating
  • Bulletproof your hormones in a natural way, never have to stress about your HPA axis not firing on all cylinders or hormonal dysfunction ever again
  • Make real, long lasting progress instead of falling back to old, unhealthy training and eating behaviors that caused your burnout - it's my JOB to help you do things responsibly and methodically so there's no backsliding or exacerbating.
  • We start October 5th!

REBUILD Is All About Transformation and Support

REBUILD will connect you with women who all remember what it felt like to be burnt out, and who want to make sure it won't happen again. We inspire, support and cheer each other on every single day.

Build amazing strength, more muscle, healthy eating habits and happy hormones without ever sacrificing your health again.

We work together, in a very small, private group setting, making sure everyone gets the support they need.

This journey can be lonely. No one seems to get it.

  • Your old workout buddies might tell you:
  • You're good to go now, right? Let's do a 10 mile run on Sunday, and that 20-min metcon isn't gonna hurt you, right?
  • A colleague or family member might say:
  • So you're probably going to lose weight now, right? I mean, you gained quite a bit...

It's easy to get tempted and go back to training hard and cutting your calories too much... but you know how that likely ends.

But it will be different if you have support from women who understand.

Group support is magical. In the REBUILD mentorship, we're all together -- a group of women who are going through this exact same change, learning what it means to find true balance, and what it really looks like to finally work with our bodies and not against them.

If you try to do this alone, there will be times when you think:

I've lost so much strength! I'm so weak! When is my period coming? How much is normal to eat? I must be the only one who's confused! No one else feels this way!

I can promise you that there's always someone in the group who is experiencing the exact same thing and says:

This is exactly what's happening! I'm dealing with this too!

Together, we figure it out. You'll learn a lot in throughout the 12 weeks, but the true transformational power in shared experience. I don't want you to feel alone in this. Our community supports one another, holds each other accountable, and is right there for you whenever you need support.

REBUILD Is For Women Who

  • Have a menstrual cycle (no, it doesn't have to be "perfect" 28-day cycle!)
  • Have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies
  • Who fully accept themselves the way they are but want to look and feel better and improve their energy.

That's Me

REBUILD Is NOT For Women Who

  • Don't have a menstrual cycle
  • Have an eating disorder or disordered eating behaviors
  • Are underweight
  • Are rushing to lose weight
  • Are looking for a specific meal plan
  • Hate their bodies.

Why I Created REBUILD

Over the years of working with women and helping them recover from burnout, I started getting more and more questions about the life AFTER recovery.

Not surprisingly, because literally NO ONE talks about it.

Many people can tell you what to do to recover, but what happens after that? What are your next steps? Are you stuck with not exercising anymore? And do you have to accept that you will never feel fit, strong and athletic again?

The more women I worked with, the more I saw that there were two groups of them.

The first group would ask:

How much food is enough? How much is too much? I didn't eat the cake at a birthday, was it wrong? I hate eating past fullness and feeling stuffed but I do it anyway!

Can I ever work out again? What if I ruin my body again? What if my period goes away?

The second group would go in the opposite direction:

I'm going to do 6 workouts a week, cut the calories down by 30%, cut the carbs out, and get my body back!!!

But wait... Why does it take me 2 weeks to recover, and WHERE DID MY PERIOD GO???

I've seen both sides of it, and experienced some of the things myself too.

  • When I started working out after recovery, I started out too intensely!
  • I picked up too heavy weights and got hurt.
  • I tried some running but every time I did, my next cycle was longer than the last one (luckily, it never went away!)
  • I tried HIIT and felt miserable not only because I was heavier and slower, but also because it got me extremely fatigued. There was a time I needed 4 days after a bootcamp class to get over extreme soreness, and 2 weeks to get over the extreme fatigue!

Finally I threw my hands up and said:

Fine. I'm going to quit HIT and classes for a while, do just strength training, focus on form, take breaks between the sets, not rush it, and see where it gets me.

As I did so, I started feeling more rested and also getting stronger. I ate enough to support my body, but not so much that I'd feel stuffed and uncomfortable. I became really strategic with my workouts, and as a result, I recovered better, was more consistent, had more energy, felt happier.

Over time, started to look leaner which made me feel more like in my own body again. And even though I felt a bit unsure talking about it.. It did make me feel more comfortable and more at home in my body.

All that without extreme pushing and exhaustion, and without sacrificing my hormonal health!

All this is available for you too. And the best part -- you don't have to figure this out alone. I teach you exactly how to do it.

This is why I created REBUILD. This is a truly RESPONSIBLE way to rebuild your body with zero obsession and to get back into your power for good.

Are You The Right Fit for REBUILD?

REBUILD is for you if....

  • - You've stopped blaming others -- the society, the fitness industry, and that guy in high school, for your past and are ready to take full responsibility for your health
  • - You understand that improving your health takes work, and you're ready to learn and implement everything you learn in this mentorship
  • - You're not just cruising along and hoping things to fall into place but instead, you're actively taking responsibility for your health. You understand that YOU are in charge of your health
  • - You're doing your best to show up on weekly live calls and guest calls. You value the time of other women in the group and the time and expertise of the guest speakers
  • - You support other women by helping them out and sharing your experiences whenever you can
  • - You are kind, compassionate, and supportive and committed to improving your own health and helping other women do the same.
  • If this is you, apply now because spots are limited to 10 women only!

What's Included In REBUILD:

  • 12 weeks of strength training workouts (3x/week), using bodyweight and dumbbells
  • The workouts are designed to help you get strong without hurting your hormonal health (in fact, improving it!)
  • Weekly Zoom calls where we build connection and community and where you can ask any questions you may have
  • Bi-weekly Health Lessons on Zoom, providing top level, applicable education on exercise, food, hormones and self care
  • Members only Facebook group for support and accountability
  • Simple homework assignments helping you to put into practice everything you learn in Health Lessons
  • My signature 4 Step System to Sustainable Eating, offering you gentle structure for healthy eating (no tracking or measuring required) so that you build better habits without cutting out your favorite foods
  • Tested and proven tools for maintaining healthy blood sugar and energy levels which the foundation of your hormonal health
  • A simple yet effective, science-based Hormone Health guide
  • My step-by-step, SMART Workout Recovery Formula to make sure you recover well from your workouts and get the results you want
  • Bi-weekly Zoom calls with guests, each absolute elite level experts on their field.
  • The value of this mentorship is over $5,000 -- but the investment is just a fraction of that cost.

Do You Believe That...

You cannot feel and look healthier...

Feeling bloated and uncomfortable in your body is normal...

Working out will throw your hormones off balance again...

You have to eat foods that don't make you feel good, and in amounts that don't feel right...

Then know this:

None of this is true.

You can find your true balance with food and exercise and get healthier than ever before.

All you need is right workout programming, gentle guidance, and accountability from other women just like you. We're doing this together!

Apply today so you don't lose your spot! I will be limiting this mentorship to 10 women, and I won't be running it again any time soon.

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Why REBUILD Mentorship?

I've been working with, and talking to countless women who have recovered from metabolic burnout. There are things that I hear over and over again:

  • "I'm really happy that I'm recovered, but I'm feeling a bit slow and sluggish... I guess there's nothing to do about it."

"I'm so glad I'm no longer afraid of food, but sometimes I find myself eating things that I don't even want because I'm afraid that if I won't eat them, I ruin my body again."

"I'm not sure what habits are normal and what are disordered, and I'm afraid I might go back to my obsessive ways again if I don't pay attention."

"I'm often over eating, eating my kids' leftovers, and just too much chocolate because I still think that I "have to" even though don't feel comfortable in my body."

I totally get you, because I used to wonder about the same things myself too!

Here's my promise to you:

In this mentorship you will learn exactly how to listen to your body so you won't overdo the workouts; get stronger and build more muscle without burning yourself out; understand how to eat in ways that are truly satisfying and healthy, and the most important things you need to do to keep your hormones balanced.