I get it…

For most of us, the world is a very different place today than it was a month ago. 



  • 56% of my followers said that they have hard time being grateful right now. 
  • 63% said that they feel more anxious and less present than before.
  • 67% said that right now, they find themselves more self critical than before.

During these stressful times, it’s even more important than usual, to find the strength within, be kind to ourselves, let go of the judgement towards our bodies, and find gratitude in every day. 

Introducing Daily Meditations 

Daily Meditations includes 5 guided meditations (by me), designed to help you

  • Reduce stress
  • Be present
  • Find gratitude
  • Let go of feelings that don’t serve you. 

Several of these meditations are inspired by conversations with my clients who struggle with body image. They may be tempted to go after their bodies and train hard, to manage stress… While movement is a good way to handle stress, going hard and fast with no self compassion, is not going to make anything better. 

All these meditations are great for managing general stress as well, even if body image isn’t your issue. 

FAQ about Daily Meditations

What’s included? 

5 simple guided meditations, 6-12 minutes each.

How exactly does it work? 

You will receive one meditation per day, in a mp3 format. And after 5 days you have access to them forever. 

All you need is a quiet place where you can sit down uniterrupted, and your phone or tablet where you're listening to the meditations on. 

But I can’t empty my mind! I’ve tried before.

No worries, you’re not supposed to empty your mind! These meditations include a visualization where you’ll be asked to picture a certain situation in your mind. So you won't be even asked to stop thinking. Just let your imagination fly based on the visualization.

I’m A total newbie to meditation! Can I still do it? 

Absolutely. Daily Meditations are perfect for complete beginners. 

But I can’t sit still. 

The shortest meditation is only 6 minutes — you can sit that time, I’m sure! If you really can’t, you can do your meditation standing up or walking. 

I don’t think I have time for it. 

Here’s a quick tip for you… Take a quick break from social media, skip the evening news, and you see that you actually have plenty of time. Remember that what the information that you let enter into your brain is like food that you put into your body. Feed yourself things that make you feel good!

About Kersten

I consider myself a meditation enthusiast! I used to struggle with depression for years. I had worked with a therapist, done yoga and tried out meditation here and there...

But it wasn't until my very first, 4-day shamanic journey in the summer of 2019, that I realized that meditation has become a part of my daily life. Meditation, together with other spiritual healing modalities and positive psychology tools have allowed me to make true peace with myself.

Kersten Kimura