FREE 5-day crash course on all things Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery, metabolic resetting, overcoming food obsession and exercise addiction, and finally arriving at a fit, athletic physique that you can count on forever.

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During This FREE 5-Day Training, You Will Learn  

The 3 major phases of metabolic burnout and what you need to know about them

How to do a self-assessment to understand where you are on this spectrum and what are the next steps

What are the symptoms to look out for if your metabolism is damaged

The 12 changes that are needed to heal the metabolism and the body

How to know that your metabolism is healed and balanced

What you should know about changing your physique once your body is balanced.


Is This Training For You?

This 5-day training is for you if you...

  • Want to understand the three stages of burnout recovery and understand where you currently are on this spectrum, and what should be your next steps
  • Suspect that you may have been overtraining and/or under eating, and as a result, your body has become weaker and weaker
  • Have taken the first steps towards recovery but are unsure what you're supposed to do next
  • Have overcome the burnout and want to set new goals without harming your body again.


About Your Instructor

If you're like me and have suffered from adrenal fatigue/burnout, metabolic damage and/or obsessive food and exercise behaviour this course is a must-do.

Whether you're currently in full-on metabolic burnout, or on the mend, this course will describe the symptoms, signs and metabolic effects of each phase.

In addition, it provides examples from my own life and that of my clients' to help you figure out where to go next and how to eventually come out on the other side healthy, happy and finally following a plan you can sustain and that will generate the results you want -- inside and out.

Don't wait for 10 years like I did to fix it -- sign up for this 5-day course and get started today!

This comprehensive metabolic damage and recovery education is only available for a limited time.  


Get to know your metabolism and heal your body, one step at a time.

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